Who We Are

We are women dedicated to hearing, studying, meditating on and living by the WORD of God. The Living God, both the Creator and the Covenant God, who has sent to us in living form, the Messiah, the Savior of the world, Jesus the Christ, the Son of the Living God, who was crucified, buried, and was risen to life again on the third day, and who ascended to heaven to be seated at the right-hand of the Father, the God of all, ever-living to make intercession for us, and who promised that the Father would send us, The Helper, the Holy Spirit, in His name, who indeed was poured out with great power at Pentecost, and is still moving in the hearts and lives of people today.

As we wait for the second coming and appearing of Jesus Christ, when He returns to earth to gather His people, those who love Him, and make us ready to stand before the judgement seat of God, where God will judge both the living and the dead, and will establish a new heaven and a new earth, where His righteous kingdom will reign forever.
  • We are women of varying denominations, nationalities, and ethnic origins.
  • We are women who do everything from a place of love.
  • We are heroes to our friends, families and communities, as we serve the Living God.
  • We offer care & beauty to everyone and everything around us.
  • We find our strength, joy, hope and love, in Christ alone, as He imparts it to us.

How We Started

We started out of a divine calling of God given to Dr. Deborah Reynolds-Harper, (Ph.D. Organizational Leadership, Regent University, 2017), in the spring of 2003, to “gather the skilled craftsmen and the materials to build a ‘place’ where His glory would dwell.” We began production in October 2008, as MyFriendDebbie.com, and ran until an updated site was established in May of 2017, at which time we operated as Chaverah Magazine, until breaking new ground in May 2020, for “Magnolia Place” officially built and established as “Twenty-Two Hundred Magnolia Place.”

We trust you will enjoy visiting this “place” as much as we enjoy preparing it for you! And we trust you will visit often, tell a friend, and experience here both the presence and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit of the Living God.

Be Blessed & Keep Singing!

Yours for Eternity,

Founder and Publisher, Magnolia Place,

Women’s Life-Style Magazine and Television Program

Romans 14:17 “For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness and peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.” (ESV)

What We Do

Teach and share encouraging truths from the WORD of God to strengthen your relationship with the Living God, and others around you, making it possible for you to live a productive, fruitful, overcoming and victorious life in Christ!

Provide helpful instruction and inspiration for everyday life projects! Whether it’s building a healthy budget, managing a team of people, continuing your education, developing your career, taking care of your home, tending to a growing family, planting a garden, raising children, or making dinner, we will help you with it! And provide a Biblical, principle-focused, and grace-based understanding of a variety of helpful topics! Whether you’re married, single, a mom, grand mom, sister, or daughter, you will find a place here, with us!

Why We're Here

To serve God!

To do His will in every aspect of our lives! To know His will, as revealed in the Biblical text of the Sacred Scriptures! To follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, through both the Rhema Word of God & the Logos WORD of God!

Rhema: According to Charisma Magazine, the rhema word can happen when you’re reading a particular passage of Scripture, perhaps one you have seen many times before, and you see it in a new light and see how it applies to your life personally, as found in Luke 5:5.

Logos WORD of God: Christianity.com describes logos as meaning, “word,” referring to Christ himself, or the holy word of Scripture, as referred to in John 1.

To serve you!

By providing a “place” for you to know The Living God, and love Him. A “place” where you can experience the love of God, through Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God. A “place” where you can inquire and seek & find the wisdom, counsel, and might of the Holy Spirit. A “place” where you can find hope and healing, strength, guidance and truth. A “place” to enjoy Christian friendship and community.

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