Neutral Nail Trend

Go neutral with your nails this season! Choosing a bright color can be fun, but the color doesn’t always match with every outfit, causing you to have to regularly change your nail color, taking extra time, and putting stress on your nails. By choosing a neutral color for your nails, you will find that it will coordinate with most every outfit and occasion. Plus, it’s where the trend is right now!

Don’t know where to start? Here are some colors to try:

  1. Soft Grey
  2. Nude/Blush
  3. Muted Pink
  4. Sand
  5. Sheer
  6. Crème

Whether you’re attending a luncheon, going to church or just spending time with friends, your nails will be subtly fabulous! And remember, a clear base coat and top coat will give you a professional look and help your polish last longer!

Article Written by: Rachel Harper

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