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This past summer, my world-traveling sister, Leah, had the opportunity to visit Greece. When she returned home, she told us all about it and shared pictures that she took along the way. After hearing her stories, I have determined that Greece is a place I want to visit in the future. 

Greece is perfect for all types of vacationers. Whether you are interested in the ancient history, the serene beaches, or the volcanos, Greece has just the attraction for you! Below are a few of the activities that my sister highly recommends!

History Lovers: With history dating back to the 5th century, Greece provides many historical sights any history buff would enjoy. Here are a few suggestions to start with: 

-The Acropolis of Athens: An ancient citadel that overlooks the city of Athens contains several significant ruins in Greek culture. The famous Parthenon makes its home on the Acropolis. 

-Areopagus: While at the Acropolis, be sure to see the Areopagus, also known as Ares Rock or Mars Hill. This large rock overlooking Athens actually holds Biblical significance. This is where Paul preached one of his most important sermons to the people of Athens about the “Unknown God,” (Acts 17:16-34). You can stand where Paul stood as he spread the gospel of Jesus to the Greeks.

-Delos: One of the islands surrounding the mainland of Greece, Delos has great significance in the mythology of the ancient Greeks. Most famously known as the birth place of Apollo, you can find ruins of ancient markets, temples, and intricate mosaics on this island. Here you will learn all about the start of Greek mythology. 

Leisure Lovers: If you are looking for a time of relaxation, leisure, and going with the flow, you might enjoy these attractions.

-Karmari Black Pebble Beach: Are you an avid beach goer? If you are or want a new experience, try visiting the Kamari black pebble beach located on the island of Santorini. Because of the volcanic activity on this island, you will find a variety of beach sands and rocks on the coasts which create a unique terrain and experience for visitors. Enjoy the clear, blue water and beautiful views while soaking up the Mediterranean sun.

-Domes in Oia: One site you must see while in Greece are the famous blue domes in Oia on the island of Santorini. The city of Oia was created by embedding whitewashed houses into the cliff on the coast. It has narrow, maze-like pathways meant to keep pirates from pillaging with ease. Enjoy local musicians and the beautiful sunsets while looking out over the sea. 

-Atlantis Books: If you enjoy a good book and are wanting a memorable souvenir, be on the lookout for Atlantis Books in Oia. It is a quaint, little store full of some of your favorite books. You might just find the perfect book to read while on the beach. 

-Shopping in Mykonos: Shop at your favorite stores and find some new ones on Mykonos Island. Enjoy a day full of fun and laughter while walking around the city. Mykonos is known for its celebrity visitors. You just might see someone you know there!

Adventure Lovers: If you like living life to the fullest and trying new things, be sure to check out these attractions!

-Santorini Volcano: Take a boat to see the infamous volcano of Santorini. This volcano was responsible for the typography of the island. This volcano was one of the largest eruptions in the past 10,000 years, which occurred about 1620 BC. Ride a boat and explore this sleeping giant. 

-Volcano Ice cream: After visiting the Santorini Volcano, be sure to treat yourself to some ice cream inspired by the volcano itself. It’s a perfect social media moment, and all your friends will be intrigued with your adventurous spirit!

-Cable cars/Donkey rides: What’s the fastest way to the Fira, the capital of Santorini? Taking a 3-minute cable car ride from the Old Port of Fira. If you are traveling to Greece by cruise ship, the Old Port will most likely be one of your destinations. If you brave the lines, you will see the beauty of the city as the cars climb up the mountain. You can also take a donkey ride throughout many parts of the island that would be otherwise harder to navigate. We highly recommend doing your research before booking a donkey ride to make sure that all the animals are treated with great care and respect. 

These attractions are just a start to what Greece has to offer everyone who visits its beautiful islands. If you decide to travel to Greece yourself, let us know your experiences. We would love to hear from you! Be sure to do thorough research on the hotels and attractions you want to visit. Safe travels!

Article Written by: Rachel Harper

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