Christmas Special Edition: A Gift for Us!

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In this season of Christmas, we would like to share with you teachings on the provision, protection, peace, and purpose that God gives each one of us!

Join us, as our host, Dr. Deborah Harper, begins this Christmas Special Edition, with reading from Isaiah 54.  A chapter steeped in words of comfort, wisdom, promises and peace, we pray it encourages and brings hope to you, now, into, and throughout the new year!    

Matthew Donhue will then share with us from the story of Ruth and give us a message from his heart about how God provides a place for us to cry out to Him in sadness and in joy, not brushing us aside and leaving us to fend for ourselves, but instead, turns each situation around for good!

We’ll hear from Roberta Bonnici, as she shares with us her testimony, on how God protected her and her husband, when there was a serial killer on the loose, and how, by listening to the Holy Spirit, they were protected on the path they walked. She gives us the comforting truth  that we can rely on our Lord God, even when walking through the valley of the shadow of death.

Rachel Harper will share a teaching on the story of Leah. In the midst of looking for man’s approval and love, Leah was able to find true recognition in her relationship with the Lord God. And when she honored the Lord, her fourth son became the line from which our Savior, Jesus Christ, was born. We trust you will find peace in this message, knowing that when you stop striving after human praise or love, but turn your heart and yearnings to God, then He will bring you a supernatural, divine peace that passes human understanding!    

We wrap up with an inspirational teaching from Cindy Aitken, as she blesses us with a sharing on the purpose God gives us in our day-to-day responsibilities. She goes behind the scenes of the story of the boy with the loaves and fishes and what it must have been like for the one who packed his lunch; how the very ordinary task of a mother, was what, most likely, helped set the stage for one of the most well- known miracles of the Lord Jesus!

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas season; and throughout all the preparations and busyness, that God will speak into your life, the provision, protection, peace, and purpose He has for you!

Merry Christmas!

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