Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

As Christians we know that God has put passion, dreams, calling and destiny into each one of us. It’s exciting to follow the path of God and see where it leads. It’s humbling to know that He wants to use us for His Kingdom purposes, and it’s a blessing to know God loves us and chooses to make us a part of Heaven. 

When we hear from the Lord about what He has for us and get a vision for the plans, we want to run right out and pursue it! We get a passion for it and make a beeline to wherever we think we can accomplish it. Often times we don’t even seek God on how to do it, and when to do it. We get so caught up in the “what” we forget about the “Who.”

We forget to seek the source of the “what” and not the “what.”  No matter what God puts in our heart, no matter what passions we hold inside, no matter what the vision, we must always, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness…,” Matt 6:33.

We see an example of this in the Bible with Saul and David. Saul was consumed with his position as king and making sure the people honored him and loved him above all others. His focus was on him and on his position, and everything he did was self-serving. David on the other hand simply wanted to please God. He wasn’t trying to be king or trying to please people, even though Samuel had told him that he would be king, and even anointed him as king. David’s eyes were on God the whole time, and God blessed him incredibly for it.

When it comes to us, we must remember to keep God first, and take to heart these valuable lessons: 

Keep your eyes on the Lord no matter what He has called you to do.  Don’t jump ahead of God just because He gives you a vision or a passion for something.  God always has a plan for everything He does, and that includes timing.  

There are seasons of preparation that include refining and molding us for His purposes.  Keep your focus on the Lord and glean from the times of instruction, receive His training and make yourself ready during the times of waiting. Make your focus seeking His face and His heart, and then you will see His hand. 

He will direct your path and lead you to where He needs you to go. You don’t need to be the tour director. Keep your eyes on the prize, which is Jesus, and God will accomplish His plans in you and through you.  He will make a way, and it will be the best way.

Article Written by: Kim Shattell

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