It’s been a while now since I met the pastor who leads and cares for these children of the Myanmar Hope orphanage.

I still rejoice with all the good that God is doing through them with every email I receive.

It pleases my heart to know that God provides for their every need, just as He does ours.

Every month, as my husband and I help them, God faithfully continues to abundantly bless us and keep us.

I remember when our family did not have the resources to help pay for the university education that our son, Grant, needed; and he could only earn so much working in the college cafeteria 29 hours a week while being a full-time, on campus student.

I prayed and sought the Lord to provide, and asked God to help meet both ours and Grant’s financial needs, since we were not able to do so ourselves.

The Lord clearly spoke to me and said that if we would faithfully send a certain amount each month to the orphans, that He would take care of everything Grant needed! And He did!

Our son graduated with a four-year degree in business finance and began working for a large corporation immediately one week after graduation. To the glory of God, he has received subsequent promotions and has bought his first home, just two years after graduation.

He is also a credentialed minister, in the Lord’s service and serves faithfully at his church.

We still support these beautiful children each month, and God continues to bless both our family and theirs.

I invite you to join the work of the Lord in other parts of the world, and perhaps you want to join me in giving to these young children who are growing up to know and love the LORD in Myanmar! They are currently in need of their educational supplies for this upcoming school year. If so, please contact me at [email protected].

May the Lord God bless you all, and these heroes of the faith around the world!

Deborah Reynolds Harper, Ph.D.

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