Stewarding our own minds and hearts, and those of our children is a responsibility that God entrusts to each of us. It is our privilege and joy to search out the best educational preparation possible.

Call to Knowledge

The Biblical passage of Daniel chapter 1 details the journey that four young men of Israel had to take to become who God needed them to be. They were skilled in all branches of knowledge. The various versions of scripture describe that they were called upon to be educated at the king’s orders, and were to prepare for three years in literature and language, and science, to serve in the king’s courts. They did as they were instructed in order to serve in the capacity  they were given. They developed skills in knowledge, understanding and wisdom that were given to them by God, in order for them to have the influence in that society that God intended for them to have.

Scripture records that Daniel and the other three young men, challenged the system of the time with respect and conviction, and were granted favor with their leaders because of God’s favor upon them. They determined in their hearts not to defile themselves with the king’s delicacies and wine, but rather asked to be given vegetables and water. They had a healthier physical appearance, and were found to be wiser and more discerning than any of the king’s wise men. They also sought the Lord and strengthened their relationship with the Living God. They prayed not only for God to grant them the knowledge and understanding they needed in order to survive the king’s decree, but also to be able to help the king in his troubled state. The Lord heard their prayer and gave the knowledge to Daniel. When Daniel gave the knowledge to the king, he did not take credit for it himself personally, or declare that it was his own intelligence, but instead gave the credit to the God who reveals knowledge, and who shows mercy.

Call to Serve

In today’s culture, the people of God also have the opportunity to find favor in their places of assignment, and can prepare, both physically and academically, for their opportunity of influence. They have the duty to seek out spiritual devotion and social support that is Godly. It’s important to note that Daniel and his three Hebrew friends were prepared spiritually with regular worship, and were surrounded socially by those who would help keep them on the path God had for their lives and witness.

If you are a child of God, then you have a call of God upon your life. I encourage you to prepare like Daniel and his friends did. Be educated in all branches of knowledge, so that you can answer the king’s questions like Daniel did, with full assurance, skill and divine knowledge. God was with Daniel and his friends, and God will be with you also. Prepare yourselves both academically, and physically, and keep yourselves both spiritually and socially strong and supported.

Call to Empower

Discover how your children need to be prepared and educated to accomplish the purposes and assignments God has planned for them, so that His will can be accomplished on the earth, and they can have the influence needed for God’s kingdom. Pray and ask God for revelation and understanding. He will hear you and give you the right direction and answers. Set an example for your children, and set an example for other believers. God will empower you, and you can empower others.

What do you need to learn more about:






6-Early Childhood Development

7-Land Development

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God does not waste opportunities. He calls us again and again to follow Him! Will you prepare yourself fully for His service?

May God Bless you and your children in your educational journeys, for His Glory.

Article Written By: Debbie Harper, Ph.D.

Deborah Reynolds Harper, Ph.D.

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